How much would an extra independent business owner or distributor be worth to your business this month?

Thanks for reviewing WorkFromHomePRO, this blog is going to cover some basic follow-up questions for independent business owners or distributors from any company after you’ve shown them your opportunity or products. If you find yourself asking these questions its likely that your on a follow-up call or follow-up meeting with your prospect. First, this Blog post is for people who are currently ACTIVE in a direct sales company or network marketing company and your actively sharing your products and opportunity with 5-40 people a day. This blog post is NOT for people who are NOT ACTIVE in anything other than paying Auto-ship and going through the motions. In our industry we make money by sharing our opportunity or product with people. For the most part piquing interest and getting someone to take a look at your opportunity is not that difficult. But What you say when a person says YES, is IMPORTANT. What do you say to a person that’s interested after looking at your presentation? These questions are going to help you out a lot.

When a person has seen your presentation and they say YES. These are basic Questions to ask that will lead to positive outcomes:

“Did it make sense to you?”

“What did you like best about what you just saw?”

“Pretty exciting isn’t it?!”

“Can you see how this could be an opportunity for you ?”

**Most Successful Questions** I’m going to write the answers in to show the mechanics of how these questions work.

1.”What did you like best about what you saw?” I like that we get paid monthly and weekly the most.

2.”Let me ask you a question. On a scale of 1 to 10, with one meaning you have zero interest and 10 being you’re ready to get started right now, where are you?” I’m at a 10

3.’Based on what you’ve just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part-time basis,approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this worth your time?” $2000 a month

4.”How many months would you work those kind of hours in order to develop that kind of income?” 12 months

5.”If I could show you how to develop an income of ($2000 ) per month, on a part-time basis over the course of (12 months) would you be ready to get started?” YES!!! 🙂

I really hope this helps you increase your production and sales. Leave a comment and share if you got Value out of this post. 🙂Image


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