The Cold Market Recruiting Jedi

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If this is your very first time visiting WorkFromHomePro πŸ™‚ We show home base business owners how to get more leads,recruit more reps and how to become Top Earner in their Company. This blog post is NOT for people who aren’t in a business model, and its NOT for inactive business owners. If your an outrageously ambitious and dedicated business owner in action this blog post is DEFINITELY for you. πŸ™‚ If you consider yourself a leader and their people following your leadership this blog post is DEFINITELY for You. πŸ™‚

Before we start, take a moment of silence or pause to think about “How your business would grow if you were the “Cold Market Recruiting” Jedi? πŸ™‚
Then ask Yourself “Are you ready to become the Cold Market Recruiting Jedi?” πŸ™‚

If you were the Jedi of Cold Market Recruiting, Would 2014 be the next dimension for your business and legacy ?

First I’d like to mention a few obvious differences and advantages of the cold market. In The Cold market, you’ll never run out of people to talk to and the people you talk to don’t know your history or current results.

So today is the day you become the “Cold Market recruiting Jedi” πŸ™‚

First things first this is what you need to know before we get into the basics that no one else is teaching in our Industry is “You are either punished or rewarded for what you did BEFORE Network Marketing”

Here are some basicFundamentals you will need to know know about the cold market.

1) “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”
2) “They want to work with someone who is sharp”.
3) “You don’t have to kiss their Ass”
4) “You should never,Act small,weak,needy, or desperate”
5) “Always be busy”
6) “You should never,BEG,CHASE,BUG, or CONVINCE
7) “You should never, tell it like it is. If you tell it like it is,You keep it like it is”.
8) “Don’t have an addiction to the outcome”
9) “Be a different energy to the Cold Market”
10) “Treat it like a multi-multimillion dollar business”
11) “You have 4 seconds to slide through their resistance”
12) “Be Quick to Qualify them to work with you Versus Be Quick to Pitch Your Business”

At this point you’re almost ready to become the Cold Market Recruiting Jedi πŸ™‚

Here’s what to say with the 12 basic fundamentals in mind:

Script #1 “I have to jump on this (team call/run to a meeting) but just curious,would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?

Objection: what is it?

“I told you I was busy but what’s your contact info, I’ll send you some info”

If they give another objection you say “I apologize,wish you the best”

Script #2 this script would work best if you’re calling your Cold Market: quick Tip: when the person answers the phone, try to match their tone. If they answer the phone with a high Energy tone, you should match their tone with a High Energy Tonality. If they sound tired, sound tired as well. This is called “Mirroring”.

“Hey is this “Chris”?
This is “WorkFromHomePro”, calling from my Internet traffic system,how are you today?

“Chris, I have to run to a meeting,but just curious would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing ?

I REALLY Hope you got value from this, like share or comment if you got value.

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One thought on “The Cold Market Recruiting Jedi

  1. Mr.Barbee,

    I would like to start by saying THANK YOU, the info you provide is soooo helpful in building my business on a daily basis.I always suggest my business partners to use the SCRIPTS you provide and to study your FUNDAMENTALS.Thank you and GOD BLESS!

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