Leap Forward With Confidence

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A clear spring pond would be paradise for animals to grow,hunt,play,swim,reproduce and thrive. But instead of growing pure, beautiful,healthy,happy,creative, and prosperous negative emotions appear and thrive in animals. Why is that ?

In that same way each child comes into the world with “Pure potential”. They have the grand ability to become extraordinary,do great things and have high levels of health,love,happiness and prosperity through out life.

Would you agree,that children are born complete optimist,fearless, and uninhabited,excited,curious, and eager to touch,taste,smell, and feel everything around them?

Ask yourself: Have you ever seen a negative baby?

Two Major Pollutants In The Kiddy Pool

As a result of mistakes that parents make,children experience Destructive Criticism and Lack of Love these two behaviors alone or together are primary sources of unhappiness and dysfunction in adult life.

Destructive Criticism is the BIGGEST killer of human potential. It’s worse than cancer or heart disease. Though cancer and heart disease leads to deterioration and death, Destructive Criticism leads to death of the human soul of the person and leaves the body walking around. When parents attempt to control their children by giving them love and taking it away, they create within the child a tremendous sense of insecurity that manifest in self doubt,anxiety,worry,feelings of inadequacy and undeservingnes,demotivation,fear of not living up to others expectation, fear of Rejection,confrontation or openness.

The Fear Of Rejection

There are many types of negative emotions, 99% of them center around the biggest two: Fear of Failure and Fear of Loss.

People who have been destructively criticized as children fear loss of money, loss of health,loss of position,loss of security and loss of love from other people. Fear of failure is manifested in adult life as fear of loss. The fear of rejection is experienced as fear of criticism. This fear can become extreme in some individuals that they become hypersensitive to the thoughts,words,opinions,and even the glances of the other people, including strangers.

To Gauge what role that fear plays in your life and decisions ask yourself: If you were financially independent TODAY and had all the money that you could ever spend for the rest of your life,what would you do differently? What would you get into or out of? What would you start doing or stop doing?

The Objective of these questions are for you to see that if you had no fear of poverty, if you had all the money that you wanted or needed you would probably make dramatic changes in your life Right? πŸ™‚

Another question to ask yourself to help you identify the fears that are holding you back: If you were completely,absolutely guaranteed of success in any goal, large or small,short term or long term, what one BIG exciting,challenging goal would you set for yourself ?

The Goal Of This Post Is To Help You Begin The Journey Of Becoming A Fully Functioning Person
A fully functional person enjoys high levels of self esteem and personal contentment who is completely confident with his or herself and the world. The most identifiable characteristic of a fully functioning person is that she or he is completely “Non-defensive”. A fully functioning person does not feel that they have to explain or justify themselves to other people. She is completely considerate of opinions of others but lives in accordance with her own thoughts,feelings,views,values and ideals.

Now DO This:
Imagine that you are rich,successful,powerful,and popular. Create a clear mental picture of yourself as if you had achieved ALL your goals and you were now financially independent.

How would you feel about yourself today if you had achieved all your goals and you were already the best person you could imagine yourself becoming?

How would you treat yourself and the people around you? How would make decisions today?

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