The Power of 3-way Call Mastery

Thanks for visiting WorkFromHomePro, this blog post is going to help you begin implementing 3-way calls into your daily marketing efforts.  The purpose of 3-way calls is to edify you and the business to your prospects. 3-way calls are one of the most effective ways of moving your prospect to the next phase of the information process. Very few people utilize this process so if you decide to master this method you will be ahead in the marketplace.

First I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself, “Why is the power of 3-way calls so effective?”  The power of a three-way call is based on the principle that, as human beings we tend to perceive less credibility in those we know than in people who are total strangers. It’s simply human nature. Your prospect will perceive you to be less credible than someone they’ve not yet met. Don’t be offended that’s just how it is. We can either fight against that principle and lose out on business OR embrace it, I’d say lets chose to climb the latter. Yet, very little people utilize the power of 3-way calls..Why? Two reasons stand out and very briefly we’ll discuss both.  One is most people feel like their bothering there upline and two people find it difficult to get their prospect to agree to this type of call without making them feel like their being set up for a double team ambush.  If you feel like your bothering your upline mentor would you feel that way if you felt that your three-way call would aslo help your Upline mentor? Would you feel differently ? Of course. Here’s why, your upline mentor has a profit motive in helping you build your business. The beauty of Network Marketing is no one man gets rich without enriching others. The best thing you can do is “Bother” your upline mentor as much as possible! 🙂


Here’s where people get stuck: “How to get someone to agree to a 3-way call without the prospect saying (No I don’t need to talk to anyone else I understand enough of your deal)” to How do you make a natural transition from a conversation to suggesting a 3 way call?

The best way to set up a 3 way call is at the very beginning of your initial presentation. After quickly determining what upline mentor with whom to do the 3-way call (use a mentor that you feel will be most relatable to your prospect). Begin to “edify” (build) your upline mentor to the point thatyour prospect feels like he would like to meet your mentor, this must be done with honesty and sincerity, which is why it is so important to learn how to develop and cultivate relationships. During your initial follow-up call to review with the prospect what they like best about the deal and why they are interested. Simply let them know that you are going to introduce them to someone they would like to meet. “Hold on just a moment. I’m going to see if I can get Andrew  (Upline-mentor) on the phone real quick to say hello to you. Hold on just a second.”

Let’s review what this does, first you transitioned into the 3 way call in a very natural way that takes the pressure off your prospect from thinking that you tactfully planned a double-team attack. Next, you phrased the invite in a way that it for him, not for you. An one last -Key point- You didn’t ask for permission (Hold on just a moment…I’m gonna..) leaving it up to the prospects judgement to participate or not. Remember the prospect, doesn’t know why this call is important. Finally, you didn’t force, manipulate or coerce your prospect into a 3-way call which is not right and deceptive.

Once you get your prospect and upline-mentor on the phone you edify them both and let your upline mentor take over and do the work for you. Double edification  is powerful.

Example. (Let’s pretend Andrew is your upline mentor and Adolfo was your prospect)

“Hey Andrew, this is Adolfo. He’s a very successful business owner and leader in his industry. We’ve discussed (Name of the Company) a couple of times. I’m very impressed with him, and could see Adolfo really ‘tearing up’ this business. Andrew,Adolfo; I’m gonna sort of step back and let you two say hello.”

Now let your upline-mentor takeover completely, no interruptions or jumping in to fill in any key things about the product or compensation plan.

Let the power of the 3-way call work for you …and your prospect!!

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