Career In Network Marketing:Improving Communication Skills


Thanks for visiting WealthBuildPro. If you’re reading this blog post it’s likely you’re in a business via e-commerce or network marketing and you were surfing for information to improve your communication skills for the purpose of prospecting for your business. Before I go any further, I want to congratulate you for {playing big}searching for value to improve yourself and your business. To often we underestimate the power of profound knowledge. Communication skills are one of the most important tools you’ll need on your tool belt when it comes to building any business. Being sharp with how you Communicate with people is SO important because, people will only do with and refer business to  those they know, like and trust. In fact, most of the things that you want in life that is high in value is going to require you to become a master communicator to get them.

Communication is what stands between you and success, it isn’t experience it isn’t talent. Communication is getting your message across to others. In your industry everybody has a message to get across or information to share, but how do you make those words count? How ofter do you get through to others? Everybody talks but how do you make your words count? How do you really communicate with others ?

How you communicate with others can make you a break you. Without communicating effectively people cannot succeed in life, working hard is not enough. The way you communicate determines how much money you make. Have you ever wanted people to listen to you so you can help them make choices? If you can’t communicate effectively you won’t be able to reach your full potential, you won’t succeed in the way you desire.

Communication is all about connecting with other people. Connecting is the ability to identify and relate to others in a way that increases your influence with them. How much would your business expand if you you excelled at connecting and reaching out to others?

“The number one criteria for advancement and promotion for any entrepreneur is an ability to communicate effectively”

Think for a moment. What do communication skills depend on? Connecting! Connecting is not just for CEO’s and entrepreneurs, its for everyone that desires to be more effective at what he or she does or enjoy better relationships. Connecting helps in every area of life. When you connect with others, you position yourself to make the most of your skills and talent.

Now that we’ve covered a few bases and skim the surface of what communication is about. I will share with you a few open-ended questions known as “Feel Good Questions”. As I’ve mention earlier in this post, the Golden Rule; all things being equal people will do businses with and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust”. Feel good questions is a great way to make a connection with family,friends,associates,co-workers, but this questions are very effective when it comes to communicating with a new prospect and building rapport and trust.

“Business is all about relationships, cultivating relationships is all about communication, communication is all about connecting”

I want you to go out and test these questions as you are work on improving communication skills with others and cultivating new relationships with your prospects if you use these question on anybody at any moment you’ll make a better connection and impact for sure. Use these question ethically.

Feel-Good Questions:

“What do you do full-time?”

“What do you enjoy most about what you do?”

“What separates your company from the competition?”

“What advice would you give someone just starting out in your line of work?” (This question will make the individual feel like an expert.”

“Whats the most memorable or funniest incident you’ve experienced in your business?”

Bonus Feel Good Questions

“How can I know if someone I’m speaking to would be a good prospect for you?”

“How can I know if someone I’m speaking to could be someone you would like to meet?”

“How can I know if someone I’m speaking to could be a benefit to you in some way?”

Did you learn something? For most of you reading this some of this stuff is was probably very basic and thats okay, but there people out there in online/network marketing that need to understand the basics so they can get to the next level. If everyone understood what I was talking about the world would have much more value and less frustration. Comment below if you got value from this post!

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