3 Reasons Why YOU should Avoid MLM OR Network/Internet Marketing





Thanks for visiting WealthBuildPro, This may be the most extraordinary information you’ve discovered about MLM or Network/Internet Marketing. If you’re reading this post it’s likely you were surfing the internet for information on Network/Internet Marketing OR MLM. Maybe your on the ropes about joining an MLM or Network/Internet Marketing business. Or maybe you’re looking for a new way to develop an income. Maybe you want to live an abundant life and contribute  to your community more. Today is you’re lucky day this post is going to give you 3 major reasons why you should actually AVOID Network Marketing.


The first reason you should avoid MLM or Network/Internet Marketing is awareness. You may become extremely aware and consider your ways of being and present habits. You may even challenge your parents ways of thinking about money and wealth. You may discover a powerful secret that could transform your life and discover your financial blueprint. Your financial blueprint consist of a combination of your feelings,thoughts, and actions in the arena of money. Think for a moment. Do you think a child comes out of the womb with his or her attitudes about money? Every child was taught how to think about and act in relation to money.

The second reason you should avoid MLM or Network/internet Marketing is Enlightenment. You may begin making a few choices during the average day that reflects your present awareness about wealth. Consciously you will begin observing your thoughts and actions so you can live from true choice,liberty,and independence in the moment rather than being ran by programming of the past. Once you are conscious, you can see your programming of the past. Once you are conscious, you can see your programming for what it is. Simply a recording of information you received and believed in the past,when you were too young to know any better. You can see that the recordings and programming are not who you are but who you were conditioned to be.

“Consciousness is observing your thoughts, and actions so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than being run by programming from the past.”

Once you are conscious you will see that much of what shapes who you are comes from other peoples beliefs and information.

The third most important reason why you should avoid MLM or Network/Internet Marketing is the fact that if you don’t avoid this industry you’ll begin to develop a millionaire mindset and millionaire habits. You may start writing down financial objectives that demonstrate your intentions to create abundance. You may go to expensive restaurants and order a meal without asking for the price. You may fully,totally and truly commit to creating wealth. You may learn how to provide infinite amounts of value to the marketplace. You may discover interdependence and learn that life is not just about you its also about contributing to others.

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