The Optimist: See the rose not the thorns


After trying something new or attempting a new skill the pessimists are always more accurate about how they did, while the optimist see their results as being more effective than it actually was. Optimist enjoy the genius of unrealistically evaluating their performance at a specific skill or task. This unrealistic evaluation of their performance is the secret to their future success. Invariably, optimist end up mastering the skills while the pessimist fail.

Think for a moment why is that? Optimist are those who despite not having any association to success or even association to failure,manage to ignore these references, that would normally leave cognitive place mats such as “This is a scam” “I failed” or “I can’t succeed”. Instead the Optimist learn how to associate faith to their imagination to conjure a new picture of themselves doing something different and succeeding next time.

It is this genius,unique ability, and prestige focus that allows the optimist to pursue an objective until eventually they gain the distinction that puts them over the top. The reason why success skips most people is because they don’t have enough references of succeeding in the past. Where the optimist operates with beliefs such as “The past does’t equal the future” 

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To Your Future and Success! -Jarvis

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